Branding and Communication Manager Job at Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation


Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.
WE’RE HIRING! Branding and Communication Manager

 Skills Required For Branding and Communication Manager job :

2-4 years of Marketing Experience experience. Multi tasking abilities and Communication skills.

 Job Description forBranding and Communication Manager at Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation :

• Come up with a strong communication strategy for the brand Draft marketing strategies, including digital, branding, advertisement and creative .

• Coordination with marketing agency to execute the plans on social media

• Prepare and manage monthly, quarterly and annual budgets for the Marketing department

• Come up with regular campaigns on the field to increase brand awareness

• Monitor the effectiveness of the executed plan and analyze the results

• Ensure the brand message is strong and consistent across all channels and marketing efforts (like events, email campaigns, web pages and promotional material)

• Analyze consumer behavior and determine customer personas

• Coordinate with sales team to boost brand awareness

For more information you can contact: [email protected]

Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation Job Locations :- 

• Mumbai
• Ahmedabad

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